Sophia reflects on her past in the last hours of her life - She is a young, vibrant woman who falls in love with a gypsy boy, Leo. Through dance movements, we shed light on the many faces of love and life, the pressures we place upon ourselves, and those that others place onto us. Where We Begin is a story of courage, perseverance and the strength to endure all other obstacles.

Director's Notes

Where We Begin was originally inspired from the experience I had when someone I loved had passed away. After witnessing a spirit becoming light itself, transferring into the afterlife in a very symbolic way, it was an undeniable fact that what I experienced was much greater than something I could put into words. This led me to create my vision in a way that would incorporate dance movements into a narrative film and express the emotional journey through visual expressions.

Nearly 16 years after this experience and over 3 years of searching for the music, I was introduced to MONO, a renowned Japanese post-rock instrumental band. After working with them closely as a photographer for their new album The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness, I began creating what is now known as “Where We Begin” the film.

The film’s title “Where We Begin” was named after one of MONO’s tracks from their new album The Last Dawn. The title has such a powerful and positive way of describing our lives, as well as, the core theme of this films heartbeat. Needless to say finding the title for the film was effortless.

My goal was also to create a film that is universal, and to share the film around the world including for those with hearing impairments, so that anybody can understand it and experience the film. I also wanted to include our ongoing social issues in an artistic way, to show how strong us human beings can be, and how there is always a positive outcome if we choose to live our lives positively. It has been a very challenging process making this film – fighting with the weather, filming in nature, and working with non-professional volunteer dancers and extras – but best of all, it was the most rewarding experience I ever had in my life, and I would do it all over again.

I’m extremely thankful for our team, volunteers, the local community of Cedar City, Utah, and my Alma mater, Southern Utah University’s Collage of Performing Visual Arts for their enormous support in my vision. Making a film is difficult, but when you have chemistry and kindness present everyday, as we did, the potential moves beyond expectations. We are all very proud of what we created together and look forward to begin sharing the film with the rest of the world.